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project. DinosauriAR






04.2019 - 08.2019

Markus Gottschalk

(Technische Universität Berlin - IKM)

project description. 

Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been finding their way into all areas of life for some years now - from aids in the operating room and training of specialised personnel to processed visual representations in industrial plants. The technology is also being used more and more in cultural contexts. Its use in museums and exhibitions has multiplied and continues to grow. It is a way to interest young, tech-savvy visitors and increase satisfaction. In the course of this project, it was investigated to what extent an interactive AR application for Android smartphones can create added value within a museum and whether exhibits can be made more interesting than with text or audio alone. At the same time, an improved transfer of knowledge takes place through the interactive engagement of the visitors with the topics of the exhibitions. In the DinosauriAR App, users can experience palaeontological work. The app is based on real-life excavation scenarios. Within the application, different blocks of rock have to be worked on with different tools.  These tools are defined by real objects. A sensor is available for selection, with which a block can first be analysed for existing, hidden bones. If bones are present, the block can be removed slowly with a brush so that the bones are not damaged. If there are no bones in a block, a geologist's hammer can be used for rock blocks or a shovel for sand blocks to split them more quickly. However, possible bones would be destroyed in the process. Once a bone has been unearthed, additional information and possible use cases within the dinosaur world are displayed. After most of the bones have been uncovered, a conclusion can be drawn about the type of dinosaur and further information is revealed. The interactive experience is designed for groups of 3-5 people, with all participants taking on various tasks while also being able to see each other within the augmented environment.

project implementation.

Conception & Implementation:          Markus Gottschalk (Technische Universität Berlin - IKM)

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